How To Reset A TV Remote Control

Having issues with your TV remote control? Well, we’re here to give you a guide on how to fix such issues. If  your TV won’t function or change channels using the remote, there’re a lot of things that could be affecting it. However, one of the major question people do ask when it comes to tv remote issues is “How would I reset the remote or investigate the TV distant sensor?

Recently, i encountered someone who to me he has a Samsung Smart TV and for about a year the remote never had an issue controlling the TV but all of a sudden, the remote stopped working. Now the question is, Would i be able to reset the TV or the controller to address this issue?

Here’s our answer.

How To Reset A TV Remote Control

How To Reset A TV Remote Control

A remote control that won’t react or control your TV normally implies low batteries. Make sure you are pointing the remote at the TV. There likewise might be a meddling thing with the signal, for example, other hardware, specific kinds of lighting, or something impeding the TV remote sensor.

Fix A TV Not Responding To Remote

1. Change the remote batteries (AAA or AA batteries) with new great batteries.

2. Reset the TV by unplugging the TV power line from the wall source.

3. Wait 5 minutes and fitting the TV power line once again into the wall source.

4. Check to check whether the remote presently works with the TV.

On the off chance that still not working, see below…

Change The Batteries On Your TV Remote

Reset The TV Remote Control

Certain TV controllers can “lock-up” and not react to your information sources. Television controllers can be reset by just eliminating the batteries. Eliminate the two batteries from your TV controller to play out a reset. This would be a decent an ideal opportunity to change the batteries in the remote to be certain it has adequate power.

When the batteries are taken out and supplanted, have a go at pointing it at the TV and squeezing the power button. Did the TV turn ON? On the off chance that so the TV remote is fixed. If not, continue to read underneath…

Reset The Television

Eliminate power to the TV. Delicately pull the power plug from the electrical wall attachment that goes to TV. This turns the TV off and will reset any issues that may make the remote not work appropriately. Following 5 minutes plug the TV power cable once again into the wall source. Test to check whether you can walk out on with the TV controller. On the off chance that the TV turns ON, the issues is settled.

In the event that the TV remote doesn’t betray, press the little power button on the TV itself to walk out on. Attempt the TV remote again by testing the volume button. Does the TV volume change? If not see underneath… If this issue just began occurring, ensure you introduced the batteries in the controller correctly. Be sure the as of late introduced batteries are not powerless or dead.

Continuously utilize similar brand and sort of batteries to guarantee better.

Get Remote To Work With TV

1. Ensure the territory where you are utilizing the remote to control the TV is liberated from any articles that could meddle or obstruct the bar when endeavoring to control the TV.

2. Be sure the controller is producing the signal. Utilize a your mobile telephone camera and check the producer on the facade of the controller. Press a button on the remote to check whether you see a red light. In the event that you see the red light, it implies the controller is working. In the event that no red light is seen, the remote has dead batteries or is deficient and should be supplanted.

3. Inspect the TV infrared bar receptor (remote sensor on the TV itself) and clean it to be liberated from dust or perhaps a little sticker or other article might be covering it.

4. Ensure the TV programming is modern. On certain TVs, more established TV programming can affect the controller. In the event that your remote doesn’t work, most TVs have a little regulator on the rear of the TV that works like the TV controller. Utilize this to explore to the menu and update the TV programming or firmware to endeavor to get the distant working.

5. Temporarily turn-off any fluorescent lights or overhead lights close to the TV. Certain glaring lights or LED bulbs can meddle with the controller signal and cause it to glitch.

6. Certain electronic parts can cause impedance with the distant signal. Turn-off any outer parts close to the TV to check whether they are causing the controller “NOT WORKING” issue.


If the above steps to fix a remote control not working with your TV did not solve your issue, kindly contact a professional for more assistance or get new remote control.